REGENERATION is a reality game for personal development. It’s personal, it’s free for a limited number of players and it provides you with a framework for change. You can play it again and again and again, as you consider the areas of your life that you would like to enhance.

To begin, all you have to do is choose one area of your life for REGENERATION and then get started. You can’t lose and have everything to gain. In fact the more effort you put into the game the greater your personal development and regeneration.

REGENERATION is like all games; it has a set of rules which I will come to a little further down the page. The players include YOU, the people you know and the people you don’t know.

It has an imaginary board which is made up of 2 environments, home and away. Home encompasses all the places and people you already know. Away encompasses all the places and people you don’t know. Within each environment there are 6 settlements. They include: IDHQ, the Resource Centre, the Communications Centre, the Puzzle Palace, the Theme Park and Nirvana. In each settlement you have to ingest 3 body-nourishing ingredients that will sufficiently sustain your development, so that you can regenerate the area of life you have chosen to focus on. The aim of the game is to create positive change in your life. To achieve this aim you must visit all the settlements in both the home & away environments. However, the game is split down into 2 halves.

The first half of the game is completely free to all players. It is played entirely in the home environment. In the home environment you will be asked a number of questions. Each question will encourage you to reflect on your life so far… As you progress through the home environment you will begin to acknowledge and accept the influencers and influences that have shaped your personal view of the world and how you behave in it. In each settlement there are 3 ingredients that you must ingest; each has a flavour saver. These FLAVOUR SAVERS will hopefully challenge your thinking at a deeper level.

The second half of the game is played in the away environment and is only free to the first 100 players. The ingredients you ingest in the away environment have the potential to nourish and change how you live the rest of your life.


The only equipment you require to participate in the game is some form of implement or device that allows you to record your thoughts. A notebook and pen might offer you more security than an electronic device; particularly if you want to keep your personal thoughts personal. Whichever implement you choose it will be beneficial to you in the Away environment, where you will be required to reflect on the responses you made to questions posed earlier in the game. We also ask you to arrive in each settlement with an open mind. Finally, we ask you to give due diligence to each of the questions, because they all apply to your life, and that must surely be worth your consideration.


1.            You play this game to enhance your life. So, please do not impose any of your findings or outcomes from the game on other people. You are not allowed to hurt, harm or humiliate other people who have yet to play the game.

2.            You have to answer all the questions and consume all the ingredients in each settlement.

3.            You are not allowed to enter more than one settlement on any one day.

4.            You are not allowed to enter the away environment until you have visited all the settlements in the home environment.

5.            You must record all your answers in a single place. This will greatly assist your speed of movement in the away environment, as it provides you with a quick reference point to reflect upon.


The game begins in settlement 1 – IDHQ. 

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